Welcome to Gastronome From Home!

Welcome to my first blog, Gastronome From Home!   My love of  food definitely started when I was young.  When I was a little girl,  my  mom and dad would bring me to my favorite restaurant,  Friendly’s, at least once a week after preschool.  If you are not familiar with Friendly’s, you are probably not from the east coast.  Friendly’s is a restaurant primarily known for its hard ice cream.  I think it  has 22 flavors.  My favorite ice cream was their Reese’s Pieces Ice Cream Sundae with hot fudge, any flavor ice cream of your choice, the black and orange peanut butter candies, the aesthetically pleasing whipped cream, and the hot, drippy fudge.  Oh, and of course a cherry on top which I always saved for last.  I loved the silver, old-fashioned dish the dessert came in and can remember how I loved to hear my spoon clanking against the metal, and swirling the Reese’s Pieces around.   But anyway, at four years old, I would NEVER eat the same thing twice. including lunch and dessert.  The only thing that was a constant for me  was my beverage, a thick Fribble milkshake and   I would switch up the flavors every now and then.

As a four year old child, I kept a mental check list in my head of what meals I tried and what ice cream flavors I had consumed.  My goal was to try to try all 22 flavors of ice cream and everything on the menu.  After our visit to Friendly’s, I would spend quite a bit of time thinking about what meal I would eat and what ice cream flavor I would try the following week.    My parents thought it was amusing, but I seriously looked forward to it.   26 years later, at age 30, I am still very much the same except I constantly search for new recipes and try them out.  I think about recipes at work, when I go to bed, when I wake up…all the time.    Now,  I have a twelve-year-old son who won’t try anything!!!  He does not enjoy food.  He often forgets what he eats and he likes everything plain.  He doesn’t like seasonings, sauces, spices, anything.  His top choices of food are plain ( no butter, no salt, no sauce, I mean PLAIN) elbow macaroni,  beef jerky, California Rolls, bacon, Kraft macaroni and cheese, just cheese quesadillas,  grilled cheese, pepperoni, Cheeze-Its, and  mint-chocolate chip ice cream.  I don’t know how he can be my son and not LOVE food.

Sorry for getting off the subject.  In fact, that will be a whole entire post in the future.  So let’s get back to what gastronomfromhome is all about.  First of all, let me just say  to you that I really dislike the word foodie!  Whenever I hear that word, I immediately associate it with snobby or gourmet and honestly, I just hate the way it sounds.  Like I feel super silly saying it out loud.  So I decided to call my blog gastronome from home.   Gastronome is a French word that first originated in 1823.   According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, a gastronome is “: a lover of good food; especially : one with a serious interest in gastronomy.”    Gastronomy is simply the “art or science of good eating.”  And I think that describes me perfectly.  I am not the best cook.  I just LOVE food and love cooking and sharing simple, relatively quick, delicious recipes.  I think about food ALL day long.   I’m still that same four-year old girl, except now I’m allowed to use a oven.  So I figured I better start a recipe and food blog.  Hope you like it :)

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